Feedback from Hui Participants

On the final day of the hui we had a couple of sessions covering what went well and what could be improved about the hui.

K kindly volunteered to type up the notes. Check out the note from her below, and you can download the notes here.


Hi Everyone,

I volunteered to type up the notes from the last discussion at the A-fem hui about what worked in the hui, what didn’t work and suggestions for the next/future ones.

From my memory the point was that the people who were there can have a look at these, those who weren’t can also get an idea, and the organizers next year can take them into account when organising the next one.

To explain the document: What I did was take the different notes from the different groups and divided them into the main topics that came up. Since we weren’t actually told what topics to discuss and also evidently groups discussed things but only wrote them down very briefly, the notes can seem quite random and many times conflicting in the points made.

I also bunched repeating points into a single point that would include them all in a way that makes sense, and tried to make sure it doesn’t change the original meaning of all the different points.

If anyone has any concerns, please email



AF2010 feedback


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One Response to “Feedback from Hui Participants”

  1. AbcAnarchy Says:

    Respect to the anarchy feminists. Its like two great causes rolled into a big ball of freedom.


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