A brief definition of Anarcha-Feminism

Anarcha-Feminism (a.k.a. anarcho-feminism, anarchafeminism, & anarchofeminism) doesn’t have one strict definition. Many discussions anarchism and gender issues point to the fact that anarchism is or should be essentially feminist. Feminism has many definitions as well. But in this context we mean feminism as in the belief that people should not be oppressed because of their gender.

We believe that the term anarcha-feminism is used is because anarchism is not an adequate word to describe what anarcha-feminism is about, either because anarchism is male-dominated, doesn’t address gender issues to the extent many would like, or because it’s not specific to gender issues. The term anarcha-feminism is also used to specify a type of feminism. Anarcha-feminists are feminists with a critique of power relationships that is often absent from other feminisms.

Anarcha-feminism isn’t just a response to anarchism and feminism, it’s its own entity: an anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-oppression way of addressing gender issues- and addressing other issues with a radical critique of patriarchy.


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