A note for cis-men who want to support this event

Wait! What’s a cis-man?!

We would appreciate your solidarity and support in organising this hui. Some things you can do to help are: support fundraising efforts, raise funds, donate vegan food, organise an anti-patriarchy group, workshop or conference for men, help with childcare, provide practical support to people you know who want to attend this event, keep educating yourself and others, etc.

We encourage profeminist men to organise against the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

There are heaps of great resources all over the internets to help folks who are looking for info, advice, and examples of ways to do this.

We recognise that moving beyond patriarchy requires the participation of folks of all genders – to that end if you would like to be part of organising an all-gender profeminist conference in the future please contact us at afem2010 [nospam] gmail.com


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