At the hui 3 meals per day plus snacks will be provided.

For simplicity’s sake all food will be low allergy, vegan, kosher, and halal.

Gluten free options will be provided.

Please contact us if you have any specific needs or questions; or if you’d like to volunteer your time, energy or expertise in the kitchen!

afem2010 [no spam]

We will gratefully accept donations of food, in particular we need:

Grains and legumes:

rolled oats 7.5kg

basmati rice 6kg

chick peas 1.5 kg

haricot beans 300g

red beans 200g

red lentils 1.5 kg

Nuts and dried fruit:

dried apricot 750 g

dates 750g

sunflower seeds 500g

walnuts 300g

almonds 500g

nuts 1kg

Dried goods+baking needs:

sugar 4kg

cornflour 100g

polenta 2kg

flour 1kg

cocoa 500g

rice flour 500g

chick pea flour 250g

pea flour 250g

oil 5l (inc other)

margarine 1.5 kg



boxes tea bags x6

coffee 3kg

mixed and fresh fruit juice 27 lt

soy milk 15 cartons

rice milk 15 cartons

Other foods and snacks:

guacamole 1 kg

salsa 500g

Dolmades 1 kg

hummus 500 g

corn chips 4kg

Chocolate chip cookies 4.5 kg (vegan)

Chocolate oaty bars 1.5 kg

canned tomatoes 12

Pickle – 2 bottles

french sticks- 10

Fresh fruit and veggies:

fresh fruit 27 kg +apples 6kg

Onions (7kg)

13 kg veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrot, potato, kumara etc.) as well as:

Green salad 6kg

Tomatoes 4kg

cucumber 1.5kg

lettuce 1 kg

carrot 4kg

celery 750g

zucchini 3 kg

capsicum 250g

broccoli 500g

spinach 250g


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