Conference Reader

For this year’s conference, a reader was put together to provide background and supplementary info forhui participants.

The reader is available for download as a pdf here – please note it’s a large file (58 mb) so might take a while to download and/or print.

Afem reader.pdf

Feel free to print, distribute and share this text – for non profit and educational purposes only.

All copyrights held by the respective authors.


6 Responses to “Conference Reader”

  1. anarkalilith Says:

    wow, y’all are doing an amazing job with the organising. i’m really impressed. i can’t remember if i’ve sent you this already, but this article had a huge impact on my feminist analysis and i think it’d be real useful for the reader:

  2. Kerry Says:

    Hey, I’ve got some litt on FTM transgender stories, if someone would like to use for the workshop… along with a few other Queer Studies tings… not sure I’m good for teaching/facilitating, but willing to loan texts for the reader edit.

  3. afem2010 Says:

    cool thanks Kerry! sounds interesting… We’ll email you re: getting the texts for the reader 🙂

  4. Conference Reader Now Online! « Aotearoa Anarcha-Feminist Hui 2010 Says:

    […] Conference Reader Now Online! By afem2010 We finally got the conference reader online as a pdf file. You can find out more and download it here. […]

  5. Kay Says:

    Kia ora
    I appreciate the effort to provide the Afem Reader online and welcome this. But there are some issues over the reader being one 58Mb pdf. This is too big for some people’s downloading capacity. I would prefer the reader being split into groups of readings on similar themes so I could prioritise what to download first.

    Vision impaired friends have also told me that pdfs are really inaccessible for people with vision impairments, and they find Word documents or having the documents readable on the website better.

    Thank you for all the hard work.

    • afem2010 Says:

      Hi Kay

      Thanks for your comment. I agree this large pdf is not ideal. It is so big because the reader was made by a low-tech crew via cut and paste (yes with actual scissors and glue) and scanned in. So this was the absolute smallest we could make the file. And therefore we don’t have text files of the documents, it would mean typing up the ones from zines etc, although some others may be online in text format.

      Unfortunately we are an extremely small group and don’t have the time or resources to do all that typing etc. However lots of excellent reading material can be found via the links on this blog, especially the anarcha-feminist library at . There are also lots of great feminist and anarcha-feminist zines available for download (that could be printed large size) at

      in solidarity,
      jen on behalf of the afem 2010 organisers

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