Suggestions for Future Organisers

The AFEM2010 organisers came up with a few key suggestions for future conference organisers:

Suggestions for Next Year’s Organisers

Avoid Perfectionism

Accept before you start that its not going to be perfect, you’re not going to get everything right. Don’t allow pursuit of perfection to paralyse you – it’s a learning experience, you will make mistakes.

Safer Spaces Policy

This shouldn’t be negotiable. It should be a condition of attendance at the event that participants agree to abide by the event’s Safer Spaces Policy.

Gender Inclusion

The policy this year was a first step. It wasn’t inclusive of all trans people (only “out” transpeople, people ok to be questioned about being trans, people ok with being in a space dominated by cis-women). The Gender Inclusion Policy needs to be revised and improved for next time. This year’s policy didn’t have sufficient confidentiality aggreement around gender. This meant that the event wasn’t safe for transpeople who dont want to be outed.

Event Date

For the last few year’s the A-fem conference has been held over Easter Weekend. Some people can’t attend at this time and a popular idea was to alternate each year between Easter and Queen’s Birthday – So it could be good to have the 2011 event over Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

The AFEM2010 crew recommend that future organisers ask for support from the wider NZ A-Fem community, including specifically the organisers of previous AF conferences.

Please also see the 2010 ‘Feedback from participants’


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