Who is this hui for?

We warmly welcome anarcha-feminists and other folks who want to destroy the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, and fight all oppressions. (For more info about anarcha-feminism please see here.)

Also, we would like to emphasise that this year’s hui is open to people of all genders, excluding cis-men. (Cisgender means “someone who is comfortable in the gender they were assigned at birth”, therefore, cis-men are people assigned the male gender at birth who identify as male.)

So, if you identify as whakawāhine, tangata ira tāne, akava’ine, fa’afafine, fakaleiti, mahu, fakafefine, MtF, FtM, trans, androgynous, genderqueer, intersex, takataapui, boi, sistergirl, akava’ine, vaka sa lewa lewa, rae rae, fafafine, wāhine, woman, womyn, wimmin, laydee, grrl, or one of the myriad identities we have unfortunately missed out… please join us!

This hui is nothing without its participants. We look forward to meeting you!


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