The weekend will include workshops, discussions, skill-shares, films, fun, delicious food, networking, strategising, socialising, and time to relax or explore the native forest surrounds.

Some workshop and skill-share topics we’d like to cover are:

– de-colonisation

– cultural appropriation

– activist tools, tips and tricks

– using power tools

– white privilage

– anti-racism

– electronics for beginners

– setting up a basic PA (eg for gigs, demos)

– survivor support and community responses to abuse

– radical craft

– aerosol graffiti painting

– food; bodies and fat phobia

– subversive tree climbing

– demo organising 101

– self defence

– car mechanics

– piercing skillshare

– gender subversion

– trans 101, being a trans ally

– afem 101 – what are afems doing around the world today?

– radical relationships

– fight the power-recognising power dynamics and recognising yr own privilege

– intersecting opressions

– revolutionising creativity, creatively revolting (anarchafeminist arts, crafts, musics and cultures)

– lesbian feminisms

– queer theory and anarcha-feminism

– fighting patriachy within the Aotearoa Anarchist movement

– how can we effectively stop the acc cuts?

– building an anarcha-feminist community based around support and action

– making radical scenes into pro-feminist communities

– strategies for movement building and building solidarity with other struggles

– public speaking/media

– racism in pakeha-dominated activism

This list is just a beginning – tell us what you want!
Usually there are way more potential workshops than we have time for but we will trying hard to fit in a good variety of important discussions, practical skills and fun and games, with time for relaxing and building relationships in between.

If there is a particular workshop or activity you would like to organise please get in touch at:

afem2010 [no spam ] – likewise if you have general enquiries or suggestions about the hui.


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